David Harris guilty of soliciting his partner's murder


A retired location manager for the TV series The Bill has been found guilty of seeking to have his partner murdered.

David Harris, 68, approached three different men on separate occasions, in Kingston, Wimbledon and Balham and one of whom was an undercover police officer, to carry out the killing and frame it as an accident or a mugging gone wrong.

He was found guilty of three counts of soliciting murder today [18 May] after a trial at the Central Criminal Court.

Andrew Hadik of the CPS said: "The idea that David Harris was only researching a murder mystery novel was itself a piece of fiction.

He was serious about having his partner of nearly 30 years killed so he could inherit her house in Amberley, Sussex, and start a new life with his younger lover.

"The prosecution case was that he offered these men very large amounts of money to kill her, and as proof of his intent provided a photograph and details of where she would be. He used a 'burner' disposable phone to try to hide his conversations.

"Harris believed his first contact would carry out the murder, and when they did not, he expressed disappointment that she was still alive and approached someone else.

"These verdicts are a result of a strong prosecution case involving close co-operation with police during the investigation."

Notes to Editors
1. Andrew Hadik is a Senior District Crown Prosecutor for CPS London South
2. David Harris [b: 29/01/1949] was found guilty of three counts of soliciting, encouraging, persuading or endeavouring to persuade or propose to others to murder (in 17 March 2016, 1 August 2016 and 11 November 2016)
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