Connor Fox given an extended sentence of 25 years for attempted murder


Connor Fox was sentenced today to 20 years' imprisonment with an extended licence period of five years at Inner London Crown Court for the attempted murder of his former partner. In addition he has been made subject to a hospital and restriction order under section 45A of the Mental Health Act.

Fox pleaded guilty on the first day of trial on 16 February 2015. Both the defendant and the victim in this case are deaf.

Baljit Ubhey OBE, Chief Crown Prosecutor for CPS London, said: "This was a vicious and sustained attack which has caused devastating and life-changing injuries to the victim.

"Connor Fox went to the victim's home in Sidcup shortly before midnight on 24th April 2014. He hid in the darkness of the garden before he entered through the back door and began a frenzied and murderous attack on the victim with a pair of scissors.

"Fox clearly intended to kill his victim, a fact which he belatedly accepted through his late guilty plea. During the course of the attack he targeted some of the most vulnerable areas of her body, stabbing her 12 times to the neck and face.

"Fox's attack was all the more devastating due to the victim being profoundly deaf and unable to speak. He deliberately targeted her eyes in attempt to blind her. A stab wound to her neck led to her suffering a major stroke which has left her paralysed on the left side of her body. The victim's ability to communicate has been severely compromised as she can no longer sign with both hands.

"We were able to support the victim throughout the court process and had made arrangements to help her follow the proceedings and to give evidence through an intermediary and a team of sign language interpreters.

"I would like to praise her courage in attending court ready to give evidence even though she was spared having to do so by the defendant's guilty plea on the first day of trial.  We thank her for supporting the prosecution. I hope the sentence passed today provides her with some small comfort."