Arthur Collins convicted of east London nightclub acid attack


A man has been convicted of temporarily blinding two people and disfiguring others after throwing acid on a crowded nightclub dance floor.

Arthur Collins, 25, was found guilty today (13 Nov) at Wood Green Crown Court of five counts of causing grievous bodily harm with intent and nine counts of assault causing ABH.

Collins threw acid from a container into the face of a man he was arguing with in the Mangle club in Dalston on 17 April 2017. He threw acid two more times in quick succession. Seventeen people suffered serious injuries, some of which were seriously disfiguring.

Collins later claimed he did not know the container held a corrosive substance, but the prosecution was able to prove he had warned his mother in a text message 10 days earlier to "mind that little hand wash in my car acid".

In court he claimed he was referring to his hair restorer but this was dismissed by the jury.

Lily Saw, London CPS reviewing lawyer, said: "Our prosecution proved this acid attack was no accident. Arthur Collins went to a nightclub with a container which he knew contained strong acid, and was willing to use it.

"Acid can be as much of a weapon as a knife with equally damaging consequences, and many of the victims of this attack suffered very serious injuries.

"There is understandable concern about this issue, and these convictions show that those who choose to use acid as a weapon can expect to face very serious criminal charges."

Collins is due to be sentenced on 19 December at Wood Green Crown Court.

Notes to editors:

Lily Saw is a Senior Crown Prosecutor in CPS London North.

Collins was convicted of five counts of GBH with intent and nine counts of assault causing ABH.