Black History Month 2014 School Resources

St Aloysius' College pupils named winners of Black History Month Competition 2014


London's Chief Crown Prosecutor, Baljit Ubhey, visited St Aloysius' College in Highgate to congratulate pupils who had created the winning entry for a competition to raise awareness of modern day slavery.

The Crown Prosecution Service for London launched a competition with secondary schools in October to celebrate Black History Month and raise awareness of modern day slavery. A group of Year 9 pupils at St Aloysius' College designed a website which included information, artwork and a poem based on the issue.

Baljit Ubhey CCP

Baljit Ubhey OBE, Chief Crown Prosecutor for CPS London, said:

"I was very impressed by the entries from the pupils at St Aloysius' College. I thought the website was an interesting way to display the information and each of the individual entries made a real impact. It was obvious that the students had put a lot of thought and effort into them.
"I was delighted to be able to meet the students today and tell them a bit more about what we do at the Crown Prosecution Service and answer their questions which ranged from double jeopardy, to care of young victims and witnesses in court to culturally sensitive crimes. The pupils showed a real interest and enthusiasm and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with them.
"It is very important to me that young people know how the criminal justice system works and have confidence in that system. Young people can become involved in the criminal justice system as defendants, victims or witnesses. We want to do everything we can to make sure that fewer young people enter the system as defendants. For those that are victims and witnesses they often have no choice about the position they find themselves in and it can be a scary situation. I want to make sure they are aware of the support we can give and the part they can play in bringing criminals to justice."

As winners of the competition all five of the pupils who contributed to the website will have the chance to visit CPS London to get a further insight into the work that is done there.

Geraldine Rimmer, teacher at St Aloysius' College, said: "We are very proud of the pupils, they have put a lot of effort into the competition and are a credit to themselves and the school.

"It was great to have Baljit here to talk about the CPS and the work they do as I think it really put their work into context and gave them a greater understanding."

Image: Baljit Ubhey with pupils from St Aloysius' College

 Baljit and St Aloysius pupils