The CPS in London has changed

The Crown Prosecution Service in London became two separate Areas from the beginning of April 2017 - CPS London North, led by Ed Beltrami, and CPS London South, led by Claire Lindley.

Leadership Teams in London

London North Area

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Ed Beltrami CBE, Chief Crown Prosecutor

Ed BeltramiWith over 20 years service within the CPS, Ed is a highly experienced prosecutor and manager. Ed joined the CPS in 1988, working in the Juvenile Branch at CPS London. In 1990 he became a Senior Crown Prosecutor and, in 1992, a Principal Crown Prosecutor. In 1996 and 1997, Ed was Acting Branch Crown Prosecutor for the Thames/Marlborough Street Branch of CPS London. In 2001, he was appointed Head of the Trials Unit at CPS Thames Valley and in 2003, acted as Chief Crown Prosecutor (CCP) for the same Area. Ed was appointed as CCP for CPS North Wales in 2004 and stayed in that role until 2010, when he took up CCP and Deputy CCP positions in the West Midlands. Ed returned to Wales in 2011 to take on a Deputy CCP role in the newly created CPS Cymru-Wales Area. He was appointed CCP of Wales in December 2012 and CCP for London in January 2017.

Helen Draycott, Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor (DCCP): 
Crown Court prosecutions

Helen DraycottHelen joined CPS London in June 2014 and is Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor with responsibility for the London Crown Court Unit on London North, which prosecutes in five Crown Court centres: Blackfriars, Harrow, Isleworth, Snaresbrook and Wood Green. She was previously temporary Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor for CPS Thames and Chiltern, with responsibility for Crown Court performance across the Area. Helen began her prosecution career as a Metropolitan Police solicitor in London in 1983-85, and joined Thames Valley CPS when the organisation was formed in 1986. Since then she has been in various legal management roles at different levels and with numerous responsibilities. One of her responsibilities with Thames Valley was providing support to the Chief Crown Prosecutor on compliance with the Custody Time Limit regime, and she continues that important role with CPS London.

Jan Lamping, Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor (DCCP):
Magistrates' Court and domestic abuse prosecutions

Jan Lamping, DCCPJan is the Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor (DCCP) responsible for magistrates' and domestic abuse cases in London North.  She joined the CPS 27 years ago as a legal trainee in Lancashire. Having worked as a prosecutor in Lancashire and Humberside she was appointed Head of Hull Criminal Justice Unit in 2003. Between 2003 to 2011 Jan led the Hull Criminal Justice Unit, Hull and East Riding Trials Unit, Scarborough Combined Unit and North Yorkshire Crown Court Unit. In 2012 Jan became a Senior District Crown Prosecutor with CPS Yorkshire and Humberside leading the Humberside Unit and then the North and West Yorkshire Crown Court Unit. In May 2015 she became DCCP in CPS North East and joined London North as DCCP in May 2017.

Ruth Bowskill, Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor (DCCP): 
Homicide (pan London) and RASSO prosecutions

Ruth is the Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor responsible for the London Homicide Team, which operates across the capital, and for all Rape and Serious Sexual Offence (RASSO) prosecutions in London North. She joined London in June 2017 from CPS Thames and Chiltern, where she has been DCCP since 2012, for the past three years covering the Crown Court side of the business, with a particular interest in the Violence against Women and Girls (VAWG) agenda. She joined the CPS in 2002 as a Crown Prosecutor in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, moving through various management positions. She became a Higher Crown Advocate working in both Crown and magistrates' courts units before becoming a level E prior to her move into the DCCP role.

Area Business Manager: Keith Milburn OBE

Keith MilburnKeith is the Area Business Manager for CPS London with lead responsibility for Crown Court and advocacy matters. Keith has 30 years' experience in CPS since joining the Service in August 1986, when the Service was first established. He joined from the Department for Constitutional Affairs having had a number of roles supporting the Courts Administrator for the South Eastern Circuit.

When he joined the CPS Keith was assigned to London South and Surrey, working on Kingston, Isleworth and Croydon Crown Court Units. He later moved to Surrey and led the Crown Court Unit for Guildford Crown Court. In 1998 Keith transferred to Headquarters and helped develop and implement the first major IT infrastructure project in CPS - Connect 42. From there he became Head of External Resources and Performance Branch and latterly the Court Business Delivery Unit. During his time at Headquarters Keith undertook significant roles in relation to advocacy matters, the implementation of Better Case Management and the development and implementation of the Advocate Panel.

London South Area

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Claire Lindley, Chief Crown Prosecutor

Claire LindleyClaire was previously CCP of the North West and Mersey-Cheshire Areas. She is a barrister and was called to the Bar in 1986, having studied Law at both Nottingham University (LLB) and London School of Economics (LLM). She joined the CPS in 1987, and worked for the most part in central and south London. She is a crown advocate. Claire became the Branch Crown Prosecutor for Greenwich and Woolwich, in South London, and then moved to Preston in 2001. She then became a Chief Crown Prosecutor in 2005, and has worked in that capacity in Cheshire, Staffordshire and Cumbria. Claire took up the post as Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor in Mersey-Cheshire in April 2011 before being appointed as CCP for the Area. She joined the service in London in January 2017.

Jonathan Storer, Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor (DCCP):
Crown Court prosecutions

Jonathan Storer, Acting Deputy Chief Crown ProsecutorJonathan is responsible for the Crown Court Unit on London South, which prosecutes in the following Crown Court centres: Croydon, Kingston, Inner London, Isleworth, Southwark and Woolwich. Jonathan qualified as a solicitor in 1996 and joined the CPS in 2001. Gaining a wide range of experience in various roles in Greater Manchester he was appointed Senior District Crown Prosecutor in 2010. Since then Jonathan has led a range of Magistrates and Crown Court teams in Lancashire and Cumbria before stepping up to temporary DCCP in CPS North West in April 2015. 

Kris Venkatasami, Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor (DCCP):
Magistrates' Court and domestic abuse prosecutions

Kris Venkatasami is the Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor with responsibility for all magistratesí court and domestic abuse prosecutions in London South. He took on the position in June 2017 after having spent three years as DCCP in CPS South East. Kris has spent much of his career working in London, progressing to become Senior District Crown Prosecutor, responsible for Crown Court and magistratesí court work across North West London. He then moved to head up the Special Casework Unit in the capital, dealing with a number of high profile cases, including the Lord McAlpine Twitter case. In 2013, he was appointed a temporary Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor in London, looking after magistratesí court work, before joining South East.

Malcolm McHaffie, Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor (DCCP):
Complex Casework Unit (pan London) and RASSO prosecutions

Malcolm McHaffieMalcolm McHaffie is the Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor with responsibility for the London Complex Casework Unit and RASSO prosecutions in London South. He is also the London South lead for tackling Violence against Women and Girls. Malcolm has 22 years' prosecution experience specialising in serious and complex crime. Starting his career with CPS London, he later worked as a Managing Lawyer both at the Inland Revenue prosecuting serious tax fraud and in Organised Crime Division at RCPO. In 2008 he was appointed as Divisional Head of Direct Tax and Arms Brokering at RCPO and as part of the CPS/RCPO merger in 2010 he was asked to run the London office of the Fraud Prosecution Service (now part of Specialist Fraud Division).  In 2011 Malcolm was promoted to Deputy Head in Special Crime and Counter Terrorism Division.

Area Business Manager: Angela Walsh

Angela WalshAngela started her career in Merseyside County Council's Planning department in 1978 and transferred to the County Prosecuting Solicitors Department in 1981. In April 1986 she joined Merseyside CPS working as a Paralegal Business Manager in both the Magistrates' and Crown Court Units. In 1998 she transferred to Merseyside CPS Area HQ as Area Finance Manager. In April 1999, she became Area Business Manager for the CPS in North Wales. In 2004 she was promoted to Area Business Manager for the CPS in Lancashire. In October 2007 Angela returned to Merseyside as Area Business Manager for CPS Mersey-Cheshire. She joined London as Area Business Manager in September 2014.