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Public nuisance

Title: Public nuisance

Offence: Public nuisance

Legislation: Common Law

Commencement Date:

Mode of Trial: Either Way

Statutory Limitations & Maximum Penalty: Life imprisonment or a fine or both

Sentencing Range:

Aggravating & Mitigating Factors

Dependent on facts of each individual case

Relevant Sentencing Guidelines (If Any)


Relevant Sentencing Case Law

R v Millward 1986 8 Cr App R S 209
D infatuated with female police officer. Substantial phone calls etc. Sentenced on many occasions including custody. 30 months prison upheld on this occasion.

R v Ruffell 1991 13 Cr App R (S) 204
Illegal rave organiser. 12 months prison, suspended, and 7000 fine. Fine overturned on appeal due to means.

R v Ong 2001 1 Cr App R (S) 117
Plan to turn off lights at Premiership football match. D intended to financially gain by placing bets. 4 years.

R v Eskdale 2002 1 Cr App R (S) 28
1000 phone calls in 2 weeks to 15 complainants. Sexual nature. Made one woman stand naked in front of window. Sexual history. Described as dangerous. 9 years.

R v Lowrie [2005] 1 Cr App R (S)
G plea to hoax phone calls to emergency services. Numerous pre cons for like resulting in last sentence of 5 years. 8 years upheld on appeal.

Ancillary Orders:

Consider Also:


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