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Annex G - Disclosure Manual

Multi-agency disclosure agreement

Agreement for the handling of unused material in linked investigations/prosecutions



Disclosure Officers:


Operation name:
Date commenced:

The organisations agree:

  1. To deal with the disclosure of unused material in accordance with the CPIA (as amended) its Code of Practice, and the Attorney General's Guidelines 2005.
  2. That both are responsible for the retaining, recording and revealing all relevant material obtained by their organisations.
  3. To highlight any sensitive materials issues at the earliest opportunity, to keep this issue under constant review, to agree access for disclosure officer (based on clearance level) and to agree the approach to PII.
  4. To provide, at the earliest opportunity, the other party with details of persons arrested, background, charge(s) and provide a prcis of interviews.
  5. To ensure both parties are invited to case conferences, with prosecutors and counsel (this is an ongoing consideration). The other parties must be given advanced warning of dates and time for such meetings.
  6. To provide the other party with a copy of any relevant instructions or advice.
  7. To inform the other party of case deadlines (e.g. disclosure to defence).
  8. To provide the other party with a copy of defence statement(s).
  9. To provide the other party with a copy of Counsel's opening note and/or case summary.
  10. That their OICs and disclosure officers will facilitate the free flow of information (or material) throughout the duration of the case.

Signatories (OICs):

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