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Obtaining personal information

How to request personal data - Data Protection Act 1998

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) holds personal data within criminal case files. If you require access to your own personal data held within these files, it is not provided under the Freedom of Information Act (FoIA) but under the Data Protection Act 1998 subject access principles. Subject to certain prescribed conditions, and the limitations set out in the exemptions in Sections 27 to 39, individuals have rights of access to their own personal data but not to personal data relating to other people.

If you are currently in prison and wish to make a request for your personal data please approach the solicitors that represented you at that time in the first instance. If you are not able to get the papers from the original solicitors you are advised to contact the relevant police force.

If for any reason these cannot be obtained, you should write to the relevant CPS Area explaining why you require the case papers and confirm that you have been unable to obtain them elsewhere. Details of local CPS contacts are available on our website.

To request your own personal data, you need to complete an application form (below), enclose identifying documents as requested and send them directly to:

CPS Headquarters
Rose Court
2 Southwark Bridge

Download the Data Subject Access Request Application form in word document format. If you have difficulty obtaining a copy, please write to the above address and a form will be sent to you directly.

In addition, please be aware that the Records Management Manual provides details of the retention policy employed by the CPS and may assist you in determining whether your personal information is still held.