Special needs lesson

This is a summary of the lesson plan, for a full explanation please refer to the training pack.

Lesson Structure

Activity one: Graffiti Wall - 10 minutes


Ice breaker activity designed to gauge the level of understanding that students possess about the CJS/CPS.

Learning Objective

To identify the level of knowledge that students have about the CPS.

Learning Outcome

To provide a brief overview of the CPS.


Activity two: Illustrations - 10 minutes


Courtroom scenes to show how the CPS fits into the wider Criminal Justice system.

Learning Objective

To give an overview of the CPS within the Criminal Justice System.

Learning Outcome

Increase knowledge of work in courts and where the CPS fits into this process.


Court illustrations:

Activity three: Role play - 30 minutes


This role play exercise has been designed to give students an understanding of how the Crown Court functions and the role of the individuals within it. It contains six scenes which are all scripted. It is an opportunity for pupils to express themselves in a proactive way by testing their reasoning and decision-making skills.

Learning Objective

To give pupils the opportunity of taking on the role of one of the Crown Court characters, helping them to understand their individual rights and responsibilities.  To give pupils a greater understanding of the legal procedures involved in a trial which builds on their natural skills of enquiry.

Learning Outcome

To enable pupils to use their reasoning and decision-making skills by deciding if the defendant is guilty or innocent after listening to all the evidence.

Resources for Courtroom role play

Courtroom illustration (resource 2a and 2b)

Download the master courtroom illustration for teachers with key

Download courtroom illustration 2a for pupils

Download courtroom illustration 2b for pupils

Court plan (resource 3d)

Download the individual court plan zip file

Full role play scripts and materials (resources 2a, 3a, 3c-e, g and h)

Download the individual role play scripts zip file

Narrator master script (resource 3f)

Download the narrator master script

Affirmation (resource 3g)

Download Affirmation

Indictment (resource 3h)

Download indictment

Plenary - 5 minutes

Evaluation - 5 minutes


To provide an opportunity to assess what students have learned and to reflect on the training.

Learning Objective

To give students the opportunity to reflect on what they have learned during the session.

Learning Outcome

An understanding of what students have learned about the CPS.


  • Bull's eye (flip chart paper and small round stickers)
  • Thermometer (Flip chart paper)
  • Pack of Playing Cards

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