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Two men convicted of the murder of a Leicester Solicitor
Three convicted in Nottingham murder case
Derbyshire man guilty of taxi driver's murder
HMCPSI's Fair rating a realistic assessment of CPS Nottinghamshire
CPS Nottinghamshire authorises charge for murder of Casey Brittle
Derby men convicted in shocking sex abuse case
Five guilty in Lincoln killing
Five jailed for Northamptonshire drugs operation
Leicester drugs offender ordered to pay back proceeds of crime
Lincolnshire men plead guilty to distributing indecent images of children
Hospital worker pleads guilty to thefts from patients and colleagues
Lincolnshire man and youth convicted of racially aggravated offences
Child abuser given indeterminate sentence for public protection
Derbyshire gamekeeper convicted of trapping protected birds
Film extra prosecuted for indecent act on a train
Football Banning Order for Derbyshire Youth
Fines for 'Pig's Head' incident group
Jia Ashton's killer pleads guilty to her murder
Life sentence for Jia's murderer
Life in prison for girlfriend's murder
Police inspector's sex offences a breach of trust
Don't suffer in silence - Chief Crown Prosecutor's call to domestic violence victims
Gainsborough man guilty of religiously aggravated harassment
Derbyshire financial adviser jailed for £1 million deception
Leicester man pleads guilty to manslaughter
No homicide charges for Boston explosion
Leicester pair guilty of joint enterprise murder
Statement from CPS East Midlands on the sentencing of Zack Thompson
Former union official guilty of charity theft
Nottinghamshire trio to face charges over Newstead Abbey metal theft
Mansfield brawl killers convicted
Six found guilty of Nottingham police station attack
CPS East Midlands authorises charges in relation to Derby house fire
Murder charge for Nottingham stabbing
'Olympic' dance fraudster sentenced for deception
Newstead Abbey lead thief jailed
Heritage partnership snares illegal metal detector
CPS Statement: Andy and Tracie Ferrie
Notts inspection shows CPS improvement
Church lead theft conspirators sentenced
Circus owner guilty of Anne the Elephant welfare offences
Harasssment guilty plea for pig's head
Pensioner given suspended sentence for abuse campaign
Five year sentence for Long Eaton firearms charge
Guilty verdict in Derby house fire manslaughter trial
Suspended sentence for racial abuse of taxi driver
Life imprisonment for Nottingham gun murder
Shisha cafe owner guilty of rivalry arson
Leicestershire woman sentenced for defrauding bank customers
Vito Difina guilty of his father's manslaughter
Six jailed for Leicester sexual exploitation case
Leicester man charged with Kent Street murder
Murder charge for Leicester house fire
Ilkeston Manslaughter
Anxiang Du sentenced for quadruple Northampton murder
Northampton violent rapist's sentence increased
Derbyshire man charged with rape
Derbyshire priest sentenced for historic child abuse
Derbyshire businessman guilty of conservation offence
Leicestershire council fraud conspirators sentenced
Temple attacker guilty of attempted murder
Eight convicted for Leicester house fire
Scott Humphrey jailed for friend's manslaughter
Online intimate photos: Nottingham man jailed for harassment
Jail for Leicester honour attack
Joseph Moran charged with murder of Fred Sluggett
Jail for 1980s sexual abuse
Leicester Faith Healer Conman Convicted
Fatal Road Traffic Collision driver charged
Three men jailed for rape after trial reinstated
Father given suspended sentence for attack on disabled daughter
Northamton man charged with murder
Ian Walters guilty of murder for M1 crash
Mohammed Zaman convicted of domestic murder
Hate Crime Awareness Week
Nottingham killer jailed for 28 years
Charges authorised in relation to the death of Kayleigh Haywood
Football banning orders for East Midlands derby brawlers
Life sentence for murdering grandson
Leicestershire sex workers' rapist jailed
Caroline Starmer given suspended sentence for false Primark breastfeeding allegation
Life sentence for Nottinghamshire road murder
Leicester taxi driver jailed for three sexual assaults
Drink Driving: The case for the prosecution
Bogus solicitor receives suspended sentence
Gunpoint rapist sentenced 22 years on
Charges authorised for Northampton murder
Northamptonshire Police Officer sentenced for wife's murder
Father and sons jailed for life for Langley Mill murder
Dating site rapist convicted
Leicestershire woman guilty of teenage road deaths
Beechwood care home worker jailed for 1980s abuse
Nottinghamshire stalker given indefinite hospital order
Lincolnshire paedophile jailed as offender of particular concern
Leicester youth given increased sentence for racist and homophobic abuse
Social care manager sentenced for computer misuse
Seventeen charged with affray for Nottingham brawl
Leicestershire trio given life sentences for attempted murder
Driving instructor jailed for Northamptonshire crash
Former Leicestershire dentist jailed for fraud offences
Man found guilty of rape and indecent assault at Nottingham Crown Court
Kayleigh Haywood killer brought to justice
Jail for Nottingham house robbery
Suspended sentence for domestic abuse barrister
Teenager sentenced for Derby knife murder
Jail for M1 closure protester
Life imprisonmnet for the killer of India Chipchase
McPherson convicted
Ameen Jogee convicted of manslaughter
Seventeen years for Nottinghamshire child abuse
Family members whose dog killed their baby are sentenced
Nottingham grandmother given increased cruelty sentence on retrial
Lincolnshire child abuser sentenced to 24 years
Sheffield man given life sentence for Derbyshire manslaughter
Prison offender has sentence increased
Northamptonshire pair jailed for kidnap and rape
CPS East Midlands response to HMCPSI inspection
Conspiracy to silence domestic violence victim ends in conviction
Nottingham rapist given life sentence for 1986 attack
Mohammed Ibrahim jailed for Derby knife murder
Life sentence for Derby domestic attack
Leicestershire aunt guilty of 'baby-shaking' manslaughter
Nottingham man given increased sentence for racially aggravated threats
Mansfield domestic abuser jailed for 14 years
Increased fine for homophobic abuse
Life sentences for Brendan Mason's murderers
Life sentence for Leicester knife murder
Charges authorised for Derby sex attacks
Bereaved mother urges drivers to think before overtaking
Leicestershire man charged with non-recent sexual offences
Leicester woman sentenced to life for acid attack
Life sentence for 'vicious' Leicester sex attack
Nottinghamshire man given suspended sentence for wife's manslaughter
Spalding teenage murderers identified
Teacher who arranged for sexual abuse of children jailed for life
Two charged over the death of Charlie Dunn
Youth charged for attack in Victoria Park, Leicester
Jail for reckless HIV transmission
Football fan fined for homophobic chanting
Life sentence for Leicester domestic murder
Two convicted of Nottingham Mosque hate crime
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