Introducing the panels

To help you understand who our panel members are and how they support CPS East Midlands, some of our panel members have agreed to share a little more information about themselves, and how being on our panels helps their community as well as the CPS.

Gill Riley: Community involvement panel member

I live in West Hallam, a large commuter village near Ilkeston, Derbyshire.

As an Appropriate Adult for young offenders, I have sat in the custody suite at Derby Police Station when a young person has been questioned, but then a decision has to be made about whether or not to take the case to court. This decision is made by a lawyer in the Crown Prosecution Service. I also sit on the Referral Order panels, so see the young offenders after they have been to court.

I decided to volunteer my time because I had a godson who was an alcoholic by the age of eighteen, and died aged twenty four. Looking around my local area I became aware that many young people were starting along the same road to drink-fuelled antisocial behaviour and minor criminality, and decided that I had better try to play a very small part in combating this.

As I also run Neighbourhood Watch in the Ilkeston area, I have a much better, well-rounded understanding of antisocial behaviour, and constraints by the Police and CPS in prosecuting, so can better advise local residents how best to tackle the problem.



Panel Members

Members of the public from across the East Midlands give up the time to attend the various public engagement panels when they can. We are extremely grateful to them for their input to our work.

Community involvement panel

  • Rev Donovan Allen: New Testament Church of God, Northamptonshire
  • Julia Allen: NHS Northamptonshire
  • Mega Arumugam: Domestic violence integration response project, Leicestershire
  • Joe Brazil: Victim Support, East Midlands
  • Lisa Downs: Mencap, Lincolnshire
  • Hashim Duale: Somali community, Leicester
  • Dee Martin: East Midlands equality and diversity partnership
  • David Millar: Equality and human rights council, Lincolnshire
  • Mr Joe Nash: Disabilities Forum, Lincolnshire
  • Amanda Platts: East Midlands forum for adults with learning disabilities
  • Magdalena Read: Horizon social enterprise company, Lincolnshire
  • Gill Riley: Ilkeston and district neighbourhood watch committee, Derbyshire
  • Don Sharpe: RAID disabilites, Derbyshire
  • Sharon Stevens: model behaviour programme, Nottinghamshire
  • Ann Webster: Derby City Council
  • Mark Wilson: East Midlands disability and mental health forum

Hate crime scrutiny panel

  • Andrea Cave: Victim Support, Nottinghamshire
  • Tony Cunningham: solicitor, Lincolnshire
  • Henrietta Daniels: Lesbian, gay and transgender centre, Leicester
  • Lisa Downs: Mencap, Lincolnshire
  • Sukhi Kainth: University of Derby
  • Sidney McFarlane: BME independent advisory group, Lincolnshire
  • David Millar: Equality and human rights council, Lincolnshire
  • Kirit Mistry: East Midlands race equality consortium/Derbyshire race equality commission
  • Beverley Morgan: African Caribbean youth centre, Northamptonshire
  • Magdalena Read: Horizon social enterprise company, Lincolnshire
  • Mark Wilson: East Midlands disability and mental health forum

Violence against women scrutiny panel

  • Rachel Adams: Safer communities team, Nottinghamshire
  • Cindy Allen: Rape crisis, Leicestershire
  • Tracey Arnold: DV/Sexual violence service, Derby City
  • Glynis Bliss: Sexual assault referral centre, Northamptonshire
  • Dianna Broadmeadow: DV/sexual violence service, Lincolnshire
  • Sam Butler: Independent domestic violence advisor, Leicetershire
  • Andrea Cave: Victim Support, Nottinghamshire
  • Mandy Coupland: Rape Crisis, Leicestershire
  • Charlotte Dunkley: Probation service, Derbyshire
  • Amanda Farquar: Sexual assault referral centre
  • Janet Flawith: Solicitor, Leicestershire
  • Wendy Green: Rushcliffe Borough Council, Nottinghamshire
  • Meena Kumary: SAFE, Nottinghamshire
  • Jane Green: Nottinghamshire crime and drugs reduction partnership
  • Seetal Rajput: Independent sexual violence advisor, Leicestershire
  • Rebecca Roberts: Women's Aid, Leicestershire
  • Sharon Rose: Nottingham independent domestic abuse services
  • Wendy Roberts: Topaz centre, Nottinghamshire
  • Karen Senogles: Community safety team, Leicester
  • Mina Shah: Women's Aid, Leicestershire
  • Pyndi Shanker: Specialist independent domestic violence advisor, Leicsetershire
  • Lynda Yorke: Rape Crisis, Leicestershire