Three convicted in Nottingham murder case


Dion Griffin and Anthony Tirado have been convicted of the murder of Bernard Langton - the last time anyone was killed by a firearm in Nottingham. A third man, Andrew Pleasance, was convicted of assisting an offender, as he helped one of the defendants flee Nottingham to avoid detection.

Bernard Langton was shot in the back following an incident in a night club in the early hours of 25 May 2009. Griffin and Tirado were found guilty of murder at Birmingham Crown Court.

Dona Parry-Jones, the reviewing lawyer in the case said: "This was a cold-blooded murder with a shocking disregard for law and order, and those responsible have been brought to justice. Since the shooting that took the life of Bernard Langton occurred, the CPS has worked closely with Nottinghamshire Police to piece together all the evidence.

"We worked tirelessly through what has been a difficult prosecution to prove that this was a joint enterprise. Dion Griffin who ordered the killing and Anthony Tirado who pulled the trigger have both been found guilty of murder. The jury has also convicted Andrew Pleasance of assisting an offender for helping him to flee Nottingham after the crime.

"This verdict will send out a strong message that this city will not tolerate gun crime and those who seek to use guns on the streets of Nottingham will be brought to justice."