Statement from CPS East Midlands following the sentencing of Zack Thompson for rape


Following the sentencing of Zack Thompson to six years imprisonment, Lisa Morris, acting Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor for CPS East Midlands said:

"Zack Thompson's defence of sleepwalking to an allegation of rape has been successfully challenged through legal argument before a judge at the Crown Court. The prosecution team demonstrated to the court that neither non-insane automatism, by way of sleepwalking, nor temporary insanity could in this case form a defence.

"This has involved some exceptional work by the Crown Prosecution Service team in Nottingham and a great deal of teamwork with the investigating officer. Prosecutors have worked long and hard to make this happen, including securing evidence from the scene from the Portuguese authorities and identifying and assessing necessary medical experts to show that a defence of sleepwalking was not valid in this case.

"As a result of the Judge ruling in accordance with the prosecutions arguments, the defendant pleaded guilty without taking the case to trial."