Spalding teenage murderers identified


Two teenagers sentenced in November 2016 for the murder of mother and daughter Elizabeth and Katie Edwards in Spalding, Lincolnshire have been identified, after a court order preventing their identification was lifted.

Kim Edwards and Stan Lucas Markham (known as Lucas) killed Elizabeth and Katie in April 2016. Kim Edwards was Elizabeth's daughter and Katie's sister. At the time of the murders, she was in a relationship with Markham. 

The two made their plan after having a disagreement with Elizabeth Edwards and barricading themselves in Markham's bedroom.

Edwards was jealous of the relationship between Elizabeth and Katie. When they talked about it together, Markham told Edwards he wanted to kill them both and after she agreed the two began to formulate their plan.

After Markham came to the Edwards' house in the middle of the night, Edwards let him in through the bathroom window and he stabbed to death Elizabeth and Katie in their beds.

Markham pleaded guilty to murder, while Edwards was found guilty by a jury at Nottingham Crown Court following a trial in October 2016. In November 2016, they were both detained at Her Majesty's Pleasure for life, with a minimum term of 20 years.

Speaking on the day the two were sentenced, Karen Thompson from the CPS said: "This was one of the most distressing and disturbing cases that I and my team have ever encountered.

"The CPS was from the outset confident that the appropriate charge for both defendants was one of murder. We were not willing to accept any lesser charge based on the defendants' mental health difficulties, so the case was rightly taken to trial.

"Markham accepted his guilt on the first day of trial. Edwards maintained her not guilty plea but when the jury had heard all the medical evidence provided by the prosecution team, they concluded that any difficulties that she may have did not prevent her forming an intent to kill. She was therefore convicted of the murder of her mother and sister.

"Our deepest sympathies are now with the extended family and friends of Elizabeth and Katie Edwards as they attempt to come to terms with this horrific crime."

Background information:

Kim Edwards and Lucas Markham were 14 years old at the time of the murders and 15 when they were sentenced.

The defendants made their plans to kill Elizabeth and Katie Edwards after an argument between Elizabeth and Kim Edwards. They planned to murder the two victims during the night. On two successive nights, Markham walked to the Edwards' house, but failed to wake Kim Edwards. On the third occasion - 13 April 2016 - Kim Edwards stayed awake and let him in. Markham killed Elizabeth and then Katie as they lay in their beds. The original plan was that Kim would kill Katie, but she asked Markham to do it instead. The two then remained in the house until the police arrived on 15 April.

At a hearing in September, both pleaded not guilty to murder, but guilty to manslaughter. The case was adjourned to trial for murder. At the start of the trial, Markham pleaded guilty to murder. Edwards was found guilty of murder by the jury. They were both given life sentences with minimum terms of 20 years. The minimum sentences were reduced to 17.5 years on appeal.