Social care manager sentenced for computer misuse


A Nottingham social care manager has been given a suspended jail sentence for using her position to access the records of victims of allegations of non-recent child abuse.

Helen Logins was married to Andris Logins, who was convicted last month of abusing children at Beechwood Care Home in the 1980s. While the investigation that led to the prosecution was under way, Helen Logins used her professional position to look at the records of the people making the allegations against her husband seven times over the course of a year.

As a team manager of the Child and Adult Mental Health Services, she had access to these records, but no professional cause to look at them. Each time an allegation was put to Andris Logins, she would look at the corresponding records, including personal details and social care notes, sometimes within days. When she disclosed to her employer that her husband had been charged, her illegal access to these records was uncovered.

She pleaded guilty to the offences at Nottingham Crown Court and was given a sentence of 12 month, suspended for 18 months, and 250 hours of unpaid work.

Janine Smith, Chief Crown Prosecutor for CPS East Midlands said: "Helen Logins had a position that held significant trust in relation to victims of child abuse and other sensitive information. As a senior employee she was in no doubt that what she was doing was wrong; there were safeguards in place including regular training and warnings on the system about unauthorised access to records, yet she still chose to betray the trust placed in her to look at the records. Although none of the information she accessed illegally had any influence on her husband's trial, knowing she had accessed the information caused the victims in the case significant unnecessary distress.

"Those who work in social care have clear responsibilities when it comes the personal files of individuals. It is an important aspect of the personal safety of their clients. The vast majority of social care staff take great personal pride in their discretion and responsibility with personal data. Helen Logins' criminal behaviour, after a 30-year career in social care, betrayed her profession as well as the people she was employed to safeguard. These are extremely serious offences."