Scott Humphrey jailed for friend's manslaughter


A Nottingham man has been sentenced to four years and four months in prison for the manslaughter of Richard Rovetto, a crime described by CPS East Midlands Senior Crown Prosecutor Nathanael Hartley as 'an avoidable tragedy'.

Scott Humphrey and Mr Rovetto had known each other for some time and had been celebrating a friend's stag night in Mansfield. On the taxi journey home with this friend, the pair got involved in an argument.

When they reached Top Valley, the argument culminated in Mr Humphrey striking Mr Rovetto as he tried to get out of the taxi. Mr Rovetto was walking away towards the friend who had shared the taxi with them, when Mr Humphrey approached him from behind and punched him to the head, causing him to fall to the floor. Mr Rovetto never got up, and he died shortly afterwards from head injuries.

Scott Humphrey pleaded guilty to manslaughter at Nottingham Crown Court on 18 August and was sentenced today.

Nathanael Hartley said: "Richard Rovettos death was an avoidable tragedy which was the result of a Scott Humphrey beginning an argument about a trivial matter. Scott Humphrey escalated the verbal disagreement to needless violence, and whilst he may not have intended to do any serious harm to Mr Rovetto, his actions that night have had devastating consequences leaving a young boy without a devoted father.

"This is a stark reminder of the effect that one punch can have. Our thoughts are with Mr Rovettos family and friends as they come to terms with their loss."