Police inspector's sex offences a 'breach of trust'


A former police inspector has been jailed after admitting sexually touching a 13-year-old girl.

Russell Dew befriended and groomed his victim from a position of trust within his community. He used this position for his own ends, making his access to his victim seem legitimate, while his advances became more and more inappropriate. All the while he was exploiting his position within the community and as a police officer to gain the trust of the victims family.

The true extent of his criminal behaviour became apparent when his young victim disclosed the sexual nature of his behaviour. Dew was arrested and a prosecution began. He pleaded guilty to five counts of sexual activity with a child and was sentenced to a total of six years with a licence extended to seven years. He has been placed on the sexual offenders register for life and prohibited from working with children.

Judith Walker, Chief Crown Prosecutor for CPS East Midlands said: "Russell Dew's offences are a gross breach of the trust placed in him by his community and by his victims family. They thought he was a friend in need, but as their trust in him increased, so his advances towards the victim became more regular and inappropriate. 

"He acted purely for his own gratification, persistently pursuing contact of a sexual nature, with no regard for the welfare or innocence of his young victim. As a senior police officer, he could have been in no doubt that his actions were wrong. However, he continued undeterred until his victim had the courage to disclose what was happening to her."