Northamptonshire pair jailed for kidnap and rape


Two men who kidnapped and raped a young woman in Northampton have been jailed for thirteen years.

Vasile-Cristinel Chiriac and Dumitru Calin targeted their victim in the early hours of the morning of 8 April. She had been on a night out when she was manhandled into their car, driven away and raped, before her attackers eventually took her home. They were arrested at the scene, charged with rape and kidnap and convicted after a trial at Northampton Crown Court. They were both jailed for 13 years, with an extended licence for five years.

Lawrence English, head of the CPS East Midlands rape and serious sexual offences team said: "These two men are extremely dangerous. They targeted their victim because she was vulnerable through drink. She was alone for just a few moments and they moved in and subjected her to an ordeal that has had an appalling impact on all aspects of her life.

"Rape is an offence of the utmost seriousness with profound effects on victims. Stranger rapes are fortunately rare, but for this victim to be attacked in this way by two complete strangers must be devastating. Calin claimed that she had consented to sex. This clearly could not have been the case, as she could not have consented because she was incapacitated by drink. Chiriac denied any sexual activity but the forensic evidence proved otherwise.

"The victim has shown great courage in giving evidence. We were able to support her by successfully applying for her to give her evidence from behind a screen, so she did not have to come face to face with her attackers.

"This lengthy sentence and the extended licence shows just what a horrific offence this was and how dangerous these men are."

Background information:

Chiriac and Calin drove into the centre of Northampton, where they parked near where the victim was waiting on a bench for her friends to come out of a McDonalds restaurant. Eyewitnesses saw the defendants steer the victim into their car and drive off, so took the registration number and called the police. She was found near her home in the defendants' car.