Northampton violent rapist's sentence increased


A man convicted for rape and causing grievous bodily harm (GBH) with intent in Northampton has had his sentence increased by the Court of Appeal, after his original sentence was referred as unduly lenient.

Gintas Burinskas attacked and raped a woman near the centre of Northampton in the very early hours of Boxing Day 2012. After the rape, he subjected her to a sustained attack, fracturing her jaw in three places.

Gintas Burinskas pleaded guilty to the offences in April 2013 and was sentenced to seven years for the rape, with a licence extended to ten years. He also received a sentence of four years for the GBH to run concurrently. Following a hearing at the Court of Appeal, where judgment was reserved until today, this sentence was increased to life, with a minimum term of six years.

Steve Chappell, Chief Crown Prosecutor of CPS East Midlands said: "Gintas Burinskas attacked his victim in the early hours of the morning and subjected her to a terrifying ordeal, leaving her seriously injured and emotionally scarred. When the original sentence was handed down, we asked the Attorney Generals office to consider it as an unduly lenient sentence, and they subsequently referred it to the Court of Appeal.

"The Court of Appeal has given this thorough consideration, taking recent case law into account.

"This significant increase to Burinskass sentence reflects the criminality involved in this vicious, unprovoked attack."