Lincolnshire child abuser sentenced to 24 years


A Lincolnshire man has been jailed for 24 years for sexually abusing and raping two young girls over a period of five years.

Stephen Boyd regularly abused his first victim between 2000 and 2003 and then moved onto his second victim between 2003 and 2005. Both were under the age of 16 when he began abusing them.

Both victims reported Boyd's abuse separately to the police. He was investigated, arrested and charged with a string of sexual offences against the two girls. He denied he had committed the abuse and pleaded not guilty, but was found guilty after a trial at Lincoln Crown Court.

Lois Colley, Senior Crown Prosecutor at the CPS East Midlands rape and serious sexual offences team said: "Stephen Boyd waged a sickening campaign of abuse against two young victims. He spent five years sexually abusing and raping them and only stopped because he could no longer get close to them.  His actions had devastating consequences for his victims.

"Years later, the victims have found immense courage to report what he did to them all those years ago. They have provided clear and credible accounts to the jury, who have had no hesitation in convicting him of these offences.

"Boyd may well have thought that he had got away with his offences, but thanks to the courage of the two victims, his crimes have been exposed. The offending took place some years ago, but this has not proved a barrier to bringing Stephen Boyd to justice for what he did. The length of the sentence handed down to him demonstrates how serious these crimes were. I would urge victims of these crimes to come forward, regardless of how long ago the offences took place."

Stephen Boyd was found guilty of 17 offences, including rape, attempted rape, child cruelty, sexual activity with a child, indecent assault and indecency with a child.

He was sentenced to 16 years for the offences against the first victim, two years to run consecutively for the child cruelty and an additional six years for the sexual offences against the second victim.