Life sentence for 'vicious' Leicester sex attack


A Leicestershire man has been given a life sentence for a vicious attack on a stranger in Bede Park in Leicester in October 2016.

Michal Podlaszcyk attacked his victim as she walked through the park on her way to work, punching her to the ground and subjecting her to a 30-minute physical and sexual attack. He stole her mobile phone and debit card and forced her to disclose her PIN number.

He was charged with nine separate offences in relation to the attack. He pleaded guilty to all the offences at a hearing in December, and was today handed a life sentence with a minimum term of 7 ½ years.

Janine Smith from the CPS said: "Michal Podlaszcyk pleaded guilty to his offences in the face of overwhelming forensic, CCTV and mobile phone evidence. The CPS prepared evidence for the sentencing that he is a dangerous offender, and that his offending was therefore serious enough to impose a life sentence.

"We demonstrated that his attack was immediate, continuing, violent and degrading to the victim and more than just an attempt to subdue her. We made the court aware of the risks of him reoffending and causing serious harm. The judge imposed a mandatory life sentence, meaning that Podlaszcyk will not be released unless a parole board is satisfied that he no longer poses a danger to the public. This was a particularly vicious attack on the victim. I hope that seeing Podlaszcyk behind bars will help in her recovery from this ordeal."

Michal Podlaszcyk pleaded guilty to three counts of rape, assault by penetration, sexual assault, assault occasioning actual bodily harm, robbery, theft and attempted theft.

Janine Smith is the Chief Crown Prosecutor at CPS East Midlands.