Life Sentence for Leicester knife murder


A Leicester man has been sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of Adam Bent in July 2016.

Cameron Fields met Mr Bent by chance in a bar in Leicester when Mr Bent was on a night out with friends. Fields and Mr Bent left the bar together to go to a cash machine, after which Fields attacked Mr Bent, stabbing him in the chest.

Mr Bent got as far as a local taxi office, but despite help from passers-by, died from his injuries in hospital. Fields calmly left the scene and went to the home of a 16-year-old friend to try to evade the police and asked his friend to wash Mr Bent’s blood from his clothes. The friend placed the clothes in a washing machine but did not turn it on.

He stayed at the flat for two days before the police discovered him and arrested them both. The CPS authorised charges of murder for Fields and assisting an offender for the friend whose flat he used. This defendant cannot be named because of his age.

Both pleaded guilty to their respective charges, although Fields applied to vacate his plea, before abandoning the application and confirming his guilt.

Neil Bannister from the CPS said: "The CPS had overwhelming evidence that Cameron Fields was responsible for Mr Bent’s death. The attack was captured on CCTV and it was clear that Fields intended to cause serious injury to Mr Bent. We may never know what the motive for the attack was, but the evidence showed clearly that this was an unprovoked, violent attack on an unsuspecting victim.

"The CPS case was that of murder because in using the knife on Mr Bent, Fields intended to cause serious harm. He later tried to withdraw his guilty plea on the basis that he did not intend to kill Mr Bent. However, a charge of murder is appropriate when an offender intends to cause serious harm and the victim dies as a result. Once this was made clear to Fields, he abandoned his application.

"Adam Bent was in his early thirties. He was described by his loved ones as a generous, hard-working man. He encountered Cameron Fields entirely by chance and tragically lost his life as a result. I would like to extend my sincere condolences to Mr Bent’s family for their loss."

Cameron Fields was sentenced at Leicseter Crown Court to life imprisonment, with a minimum term of 23 years. The youth, now 17, who let him hide in his flat received a two year Detention and Training Order.

Neil Bannister is a Crown Advocate at CPS East Midlands.