Leicester pair guilty of joint enterprise murder


Two Leicester men have been convicted of murder for the stabbing of former policeman Paul Fyfe, a crime described by CPS East Midlands Senior District Crown Prosecutor Lawrence English as 'a shocking waste of life'.

Mohammed Hirsi stabbed Mr Fyfe at the home of his girlfriend late one night in June 2011, while Ameen Jogee goaded and encouraged him from outside the house. Both were both found guilty at Nottingham Crown Court on the basis of joint enterprise.

Jogee and Hirsi had been out and about in Leicester, behaving aggressively, drinking and taking drugs. They had been to Mr Fyfe's girlfriend's house earlier that night, and took exception to being told they were not welcome.

They returned after two in the morning. Hirsi entered the house making threats, while Jogee, who had brandished a knife earlier in the evening, kicked at Mr Fyfe's car parked outside and shouted encouragement to Hirsi. While Mr Fyfe was trying to get Hirsi to leave, he was stabbed and the pair ran off. Mr Fyfe died from a single stab wound.

Lawrence English, Senior District Crown Prosecutor for Leicestershire and Northamptonshire said: "This was an appalling crime, fuelled by alcohol and drugs resulting in a shocking waste of life. The case has proved that although Hirsi struck the fatal blow, he was encouraged and egged on by Jogee. They both went to the house with the same intent to make trouble and cause Mr Fyfe serious harm and so both are guilty of his murder.

"Our thoughts are with Mr Fyfes family as they cope with their loss."