Lengthy sentences for Nottingham house robbery


Two men have been jailed for a total of 27 years for planning and carrying out a robbery in Nottingham, assaulting a woman on her own in the property and keeping her prisoner in her own home.

Adem Davud and Shakhawan Ahmdi targeted the property, wrongly believing that they would find inside money and cigarettes from a shop owned by one of the occupants. Ahmdi looked around the house before the robbery, visiting with a business associate of one of the residents, then a few days later sent his friend Davud in to rob the house.

In the house was a lone woman, who was subjected to a terrifying ordeal by Adem Davud. Davud climbed in through the window and threatened the woman with a knife and subjected her to a degrading intimate search, before making off with phones, a laptop and a quantity of cash. The two were in contact by mobile phone throughout the robbery.

They were identified as the offenders thanks to the vigilance of a member of the local community, who was suspicious of the presence of Ahmdi's car in the neighbourhood. From that person's identification of the vehicle, both offenders were tracked down, arrested, charged and prosecuted.

Charlotte Caulton-Scott, Senior Crown Prosecutor at CPS East Midlands said: "This was a callously planned robbery, motivated by greed, which left a woman traumatised in her own home. Ahmdi plotted the raid, even visiting the property with a friend to find out where to look. He sent Davud into the house because he would be recognisable having been there before.

"The victim in the house was absolutely terrified. She knew there was nothing of value, but Davud kept threatening her, using a knife to keep her locked in the house when she tried to escape. Worst of all, he subjected her to a completely unnecessary search, placing his hands beneath her underwear on the pretext that she might be hiding something of value.

"The crucial evidence for the prosecution was from the member of the local community. This witness noticed Ahmdi's car hanging around the locality and challenged him. She then provided the investigation with the vehicle's details and confirmed it had been in the vicinity at the time of the robbery. From there, mobile phone records and admissions from the defendants placed both offenders at the scene and the prosecution was able to demonstrate that the robbery was a joint enterprise between the two.

"I cannot praise this witness highly enough, both for her vigilance and her determination in coming forward and giving evidence. She has rightly been commended and rewarded by the court for her outstanding care for her community. Without her, we may never have been able to bring the perpetrators of this dreadful crime to justice.

"The serious sentences handed down by the court, of 14 years for Ahmdi and 13 years for Davud, demonstrate just how serious this crime was. The victim of their attack was entirely innocent she had no connection with the business the two thought they were targeting. I can barely imagine how terrifying it must have been to endure what Davud put her through, but she has shown great courage in giving evidence to ensure they face the consequences of their actions."