Film extra prosecuted for indecent act on a train


Nicholas Read, an actor who has played an Ewok in Star Wars and a goblin in the Harry Potter, films has been convicted of exposure following an incident on a train last October, an act described by the Head of CPS East Midlands’ Leicester trials unit Lawrence English as "gratuitous and disgraceful".

It was reported that Read had exposed himself and committed an indecent act, partially covered by a hat, in view of a 17 year old female passenger in the seat next to him. He also made it difficult for her to leave the train by blocking her exit. She reported the incident when she got off the train at Leicester and Read was arrested at Sheffield.

Lawrence English said: "What Nicholas Read did on that train was gratuitous and disgraceful. It continued for a significant proportion of the victim's journey and left her tearful and shaken. A previous conviction from 2004 suggested that he could have a propensity for this sort of offending, so it was brought to the courts attention through a Bad Character application."

Read will be sentenced in July.