Driving instructor jailed for Northamptonshire crash


A Northamptonshire man has been jailed for causing a road traffic collision by driving dangerously which left two children paralysed.

Andrew Nay, from Corby, was driving aggressively in pursuit of another vehicle on the A509 between Wellingborough and Kettering when the incident occurred. Nay had been tailgating the other vehicle, and when it turned right at a junction near Little Harrowby, he undertook another car waiting at the junction to turn right, then cut in front of it to follow down the right turn. In doing so he collided with a car travelling in the opposite direction carrying a family of four. The collision left the family, in particular the girls, aged eight and five at the time, with life-changing injuries.

Nay was charged with causing serious injury by dangerous driving. He admitted causing the collision but denied that he had been driving dangerously and denied driving aggressively or pursuing the other vehicle. At a Newton hearing to determine the facts in the case, the judge ruled that Nay had behaved in the way described by witnesses and that he was guilty of dangerous driving. He was sentenced to 4 years in prison.

Janine Smith, Chief Crown Prosecutor for CPS East Midlands and CPS strategic lead for road traffic offences said: "This is an extremely distressing case where the lives of two young children have been torn apart by the actions of a single driver. Andrew Nay was a very experienced driving instructor, trained to a high level, yet still he chose to behave this way on the road. Given his occupation and experience, he should have known the consequences of his actions, yet he carried out this manoeuvre without a thought for other road users. The family whose car he struck were doing nothing wrong, but they never stood a chance. Their lives have been changed for ever.

"Anyone who uses a car must understand what a responsibility it is to drive on our roads. Cars can and do cause death and life changing injuries when driven badly. The tragic outcome of this case shows just how devastating the consequences of driving below the standards expected of a careful and competent driver can be."