Derbyshire man guilty of taxi driver's murder


Colin Cheetham, from Ripley in Derbyshire, has been found guilty of the murder of taxi Driver Stuart Ludlam at Cromford Station in September 2009.

Cheetham, 61, lured Mr Ludlam to Cromford Station, where he was shot and left in the boot of his car. Cheetham was convicted of murder at Nottingham Crown Court and sentenced to life in prison, with a minimum tariff of 30 years.

Gillian Foxcroft, reviewing lawyer in the case said: "Today the jury has decided that Colin Cheetham is guilty of the murder of Stuart Ludlam. He planned his crime in a meticulous, cold-blooded way choosing his location with care, lying in wait and finally luring his innocent victim to his death. Mr Ludlam had done nothing wrong; Cheetham just wanted to kill someone and he was simply the unlucky taxi driver who answered the fatal call. He thought he was collecting a passenger from a quiet rural station. In fact he was driving to his death.

"However careful Cheetham thought he had been, the police were able to piece together clues and CPS lawyers have put together the evidence that has resulted in todays conviction. I hope that todays verdict will be of some comfort to Mr Ludlam's family. They have lost a loved one to a senseless, heartless killing, with no apparent motive other than one mans obsession with guns and firearms. They have borne this loss and the subsequent trial with outstanding dignity and I hope that seeing justice done will help them move on in their lives."