CPS East Midlands response to HMCPSI inspection


CPS East Midlands has extremely committed staff, works efficiently and has strong leadership, according to a report published today by Her Majesty's CPS Inspectorate.

The report praises the Area's constructive relationships with its stakeholders and its leading role in cross-agency initiatives designed to improve performance.

It also recognises the Area's good performance in the Crown Court.

The report acknowledges the Area needs to improve the level of service provided to victims to ensure they receive the right information at the right time. It also highlights a need to improve the Area's financial and resource management.

In responding to the report, CPS East Midlands has developed a detailed Action Plan to ensure that improvements are made in those areas identified by the Inspectorate.

Janine Smith, CPS East Midlands Chief Crown Prosecutor, said: "It is always useful and welcome to have an independent view of the work we do and how we are delivering our service. We are delighted with the positive findings but we recognise the importance of improving our service to victims and witnesses. We will carry out a comprehensive review of this aspect of our work, ensuring all of our people understand its importance to victims, witnesses and the wider public.

"We also recognise the need to provide value for money and have already taken steps to improve our financial and resource management. We are confident we will be able to deliver the improvements suggested by the Inspectorate in the weeks and months to come."

You can read the CPS' response to the HMCPSI report on this site (PDF document, 290kb).