Essex case

Man sentenced for "vicious, premeditated attack" on ex-partner


Simon Meecham has been sentenced to life imprisonment at Chelmsford Crown Court today after being convicted of the murder of his ex-partner Leanne Meecham. The judge has set a minimum tariff of 22 years before he is considered for release.

CPS East of England Senior Crown Prosecutor Doug Mackay said: "The prosecution made clear to the judge at the sentencing hearing that this was a vicious, premeditated attack born out of jealousy and carried out in the presence of a young child in the victim's own home. It is not disputed that Meecham took the knife to the scene.

"This was a tragic case where Meecham could not accept that his relationship with Leanne was over and that she had moved on with her life.

"He went to her home armed with a knife and deliberately killed her then lied about the circumstances: he claimed the knife was to harm himself; that she was stabbed by accident several times during a "struggle", that she was injured by mistake when he "forgot" he was holding a knife.

"The jury did not believe his stories and convicted him on 13 August 2013 of Leanne's murder. I hope Leanne's family can take some comfort from the fact that he has been held to account for her death and that justice has been done."