Essex: Nine years for man who attacked former partner


A man who assaulted his former partner has been sentenced at Chelmsford Crown Court to nine years' imprisonment. The offender, who cannot be named for legal reasons, pleaded guilty to wounding with intent, assault by beating, and breaching a restraining order at a hearing on July 8, 2014.

The court heard how he forced his way into the Chelmsford home of his ex-partner and once inside used a remote control to beat her around the head. He then poured water from the kettle over her, causing her to slip and fall to the floor, where she tried to protect herself by curling into a foetal position. He repeatedly kicked her whilst she was on the floor. He also used the kettle, the water of which thankfully was not boiling, as a weapon. He inflicted cuts and other injuries to her head, back and hands, requiring treatment in hospital.

Crown Advocate for the Crown Prosecution Service in the East of England, Richard Stevens said: "The offender went to his estranged partner's home in breach of a restraining order and forced his way in. Fortunately, the victim dialled 999 immediately before the assault, and left the line open enabling the incident to be overheard until police officers and neighbours arrived at the scene. The assault stopped only when they arrived, with the probability that further and perhaps more serious injury would have been inflicted."