Taxi firm owner convicted of murder


Taxi firm owner Nasser Rezaie has been convicted at Chelmsford Crown Court, Essex, of the murder of his wife’s new partner in a case described by CPS East of England District Crown Prosecutor Doug Mackay as "a tragic case of revenge".

Mr Mackay said: "On 9 May 2015, Mr Rezaie used his car as a weapon to run over Allan Frampton several times, causing him multiple injuries. Mr Frampton died at the scene.

"This was a tragic case of revenge following the break-up of Mr Rezaie's marriage to his wife Jane, and her making a new life with her partner, Mr Frampton.

"The prosecution case was that Mr Rezaie had threatened the couple with violence over a period of time and this was a pre-meditated and deliberate attack by a controlling man who was consumed with jealousy."

Mr Rezaie admitted he was the driver of the car that struck Mr Frampton but denied he was responsible for his death under cross-examination by prosecuting counsel Peter Gair.

Mr Mackay said: "After hearing all the evidence, the jury has convicted Mr Rezaie of murder.

"This has been a distressing case for Mrs Rezaie and her family, and the family and friends of Mr Frampton, and we would like to pay tribute to Mrs Rezaie's courage in giving evidence."