Life sentence for child abuser


A life sentence has today been handed down at Norwich Crown Court to a woman convicted of prolonged sexual and physical abuse of children.

Marie Black was sentenced to a life term while Jason Adams and Michael Rogers were sentenced to 24 years respectively. All three were convicted in August 2015 at Norwich Crown Court of 44 charges.

Black, who faced 26 charges including conspiracy to rape, sexual assault and child cruelty, was convicted of 23 charges. Also convicted were Jason Adams, who was found guilty of seven counts including sexual assault, rape and engaging in sexual activity, and Michael Rogers who was convicted on all 14 charges including child cruelty, rape, and conspiracy to rape.

Head of the Complex Casework Unit for the CPS in the East of England, Nigel Pilkington said: "Cases involving allegations against children are among the most challenging that we deal with and as prosecutors we are aware of how traumatic it can be for child victims and witnesses  to give evidence about such events.

"We arranged for the children to give evidence during the trial by video link and the court agreed with our request that the children be given plenty of breaks whilst giving evidence and being cross-examined. We would like to pay tribute to the victims in this case for their courage in coming forward to the authorities and assisting the prosecution.

"The court heard details from the prosecution of the acts carried out by these convicted defendants against five children over a five year period. The jury have listened to some very distressing accounts of what these young children suffered and had to consider each charge against the defendants. We would like to thank them for their diligence in this case.

"The sentences handed down today show how seriously child abuse offences are taken by the courts and also sends out the strong message that the courts will look to protect vulnerable victims against those who prey on them for their own sexual gratification."