Man jailed for attempted rape of nine year old girl


A man who tried to rape a nine year old girl has been sentenced today to eight years at Basildon Crown Court. Steven Partridge, 23, from the Southend area, admitted two charges: attempted rape and abducting a child, in February 2015.

The court heard how Partridge told his nine year old victim that he wanted to take her to buy some sweets.

Prosecuting lawyer for CPS East of Englands Rape and Serious Sexual Offences unit, Suzanne Stringer said: "The young girl was too frightened to resist Partridge and reluctantly went with him. When she did, he forced her to the ground and tried to have sex with her. However she managed to escape and run away.

"We are pleased she has not had to go through the ordeal of a trial and we hope she can move on from this horrible incident safe in the knowledge Partridge is behind bars and no longer poses a risk to her or anyone else."