Essex: Man admits attempted rape


A man has pleaded guilty to attempted rape and assault by penetration at Basildon Crown Court.

The court heard how Robert Robinson, 41, lured his victim into his house on March 3, 2014, and when she was inside pulled her by the hair and dragged her to his bedroom. Then he covered her mouth to stop her from shouting or calling for help, while he attempted to have sex with her.

However, neighbours heard the victim's screams and called the police who forced their way in to the property and arrested Robinson.

He admitted forcing himself upon his female victim and trying to have sex with her, Basildon Crown Court heard on Thursday (June 12). He also admitted one count of sexual assault by penetration.

Prosecuting lawyer for the Crown Prosecution Service in the East of England, Suzanne Stringer said: "This woman is clearly and understandably deeply traumatised by this attack. We are pleased that Robinson has admitted the charges against him so she won't have to relive her ordeal at trial. We want to thank her for her assistance and hope that she can move on positively with her life."

Robinson will be sentenced at Basildon Crown Court at a later date.