Man jailed for hacking into hospital and airport websites


A man has been jailed today (16 June 2017) for hacking into the websites of a hospital and airport in Norfolk.

Daniel Devereux's attack took Norwich Airport’s website down for three days causing business disruption and financial damage. The cost to the organisation was in excess of £35,000.

His attack on the site of the Norwich and Norfolk Hospital did not affect clinical work, but closed the site down until it could be fixed the following day.

Devereux, 30, posted a video online boasting of his criminal activity. He also sent emails to staff at the organisations under the pseudonym 'His Royal Gingerness'.

He was easily tracked down by IT experts who found clues about his computer's location, both from his video and his attempts to access the websites.

Punam Malhan, from the Crown Prosecution Service, said: "Through his attack on these two websites, Devereux caused inconvenience and financial cost.

"When faced with the weight of evidence against him, he pleaded guilty.

"Hacking is a serious criminal offence and anyone considering such an attack needs to know they are liable to prosecution."


Notes to editors

  • Devereux pleaded guilty two counts of unauthorised access under the Computer Misuse Act at an earlier hearing at Norwich Magistrates' Court. Today he was sentenced to 20 weeks' imprisonment for hacking the airport website and 12 weeks' imprisonment for hacking the hospital website. To be served consecutively (a total of 32 weeks).
  • Punam Malhan is the Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor for CPS East of England.