Essex: Former scout leader pleads guilty to sexual assault


A former scout leader has admitted three counts of sexual activity with a child, Chelmsford Crown Court has heard.

Simon Collier, 30, from Southminster, Essex, admitted to two counts of digital penetration, and one of sexual touching, occurring in August 2013 while he and his victim were away on a trip as part of the Scouts, which continued on their return to Essex.

The court heard on Friday (June 12) that Collier would send messages to the victim telling her how much he loved her.

Prosecuting lawyer for the Crown Prosecution Service in the East of England, Suzanne Stringer, said: "Collier was in a position of trust as a Scout leader and his behaviour towards his teenage victim was clearly inappropriate. He abused his position of authority to carry out these sexual acts for his own gratification.

"We are pleased he has admitted these offences and has been prosecuted for his actions which we take very seriously."

Collier, who carried out these assaults on two separate occasions, will be sentenced at Chelmsford Crown Court on July 7, 2014.