Redman sentenced for murder of Jay Whiston

Teenager sentenced to life imprisonment for murder of Jay Whiston


The death of Jay Whiston, 17, stabbed at a party in Colchester, was one that every parent fears, said Chris McCann, head of the CPS East of England Complex Casework Unit, as Edward Redman, 18, was today (1 May 2014) sentenced to life imprisonment for his murder and must serve a minimum of 17 years.

Mr McCann said: "We hope the swiftness of the verdicts at Chelmsford Crown Court at the end of the trial last month (7 April 2014) gave comfort to the family of Jay Whiston, showing that there was  little doubt in the jury's mind of who was responsible for his murder.

"This is a  case where, as every parent fears, a party got out of hand with tragic consequences for Jay Whiston and his family.

"More than 100 people turned up - many of them uninvited - among them Edward Redman and his friends. They brought an air of unpleasantness, intimidation  and menace with them which tragically ended in Jay's death after he told Redman they didn't want any trouble. Sadly, that is exactly what happened as Redman took offense and stabbed him."

Redman's father Gary, 51, and brother, John, 20, were convicted of perverting the course of justice as they deliberately made sure any evidence linking him to the murder was destroyed.

Redman's former girlfriend, Shannon Fenlon was also convicted of perverting the course of justice.

Mr McCann said: "This was a difficult investigation given the number of witnesses who attended the party and the efforts by the Redmans to conceal the truth. The prosecution worked hard to put the correct facts before the jury and after hearing all the evidence the jury was clearly convinced by the prosecution case, returning their guilty verdict after just three hours."