East of England improves conviction rates for violence against women and girls


Increases in the conviction rates for rape, domestic violence and sexual offences in the CPS East of England Area have been reported in the annual Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) report for England and Wales.

Chief Crown Prosecutor Jenny Hopkins, the CPS national lead on VAWG said: "We are pleased to see the conviction rates rise across rape, domestic violence and sexual offences, and particularly the conviction rate for rape which has increased across Area from 56.4% to 61.45%.

"Our Rape and Serious Sexual Offences Unit works hard to deliver justice for the victims of these crimes which can have a devastating impact. I would like to commend their efforts in delivering an improved conviction rate for victims.

"East of England is one of the top five Areas in the country for VAWG convictions but we are always looking at ways to improve our performance and the service and support we offer to victims in these cases.

"Tackling VAWG offences is a priority for us in the East of England. We will continue to work with police and partner organisations so that victims have the confidence to report their experiences and be supported throughout the process as we build strong cases to bring perpetrators to justice."

In the last 12 months CPS East of England has achieved:

  • An overall conviction rate for VAWG of 78.6%%;
  • A successful conviction rate of 61.45% for rape cases;
  • A total of 4,972 successful convictions for domestic violence with a conviction rate of 78.8%
  • A successful conviction rate of 82.63% for sexual offences

All of these conviction rates are above the national average for conviction rates in England and Wales.


Notes to Editors

  1. The annual report is available on the CPS website
  2. VAWG conviction rate by county:
    • Cambridgeshire - 79.18%
    • Essex - 76.73%
    • Norfolk – 80.41%
    • Suffolk - 81.01%
  3. Rape conviction rate by county:
    • Cambridgeshire - 61.70%
    • Essex - 59.82%
    • Norfolk - 61.33%
    • Suffolk - 65.85%
  4. Domestic violence conviction rate by county:
    • Cambridgeshire - 79%
    • Essex - 76.80%
    • Norfolk - 80.80%
    • Suffolk - 81.90%
  5. Sexual offences conviction rate by county:
  6. Cambridgeshire - 84.42%
  7. Essex - 81.82%
  8. Norfolk - 84.30%
  9. Suffolk - 78.99%