CPS East of England prosecutes its first case of new dangerous driving offence


A lorry driver is the first person in the East of England to be prosecuted for causing serious injury by dangerous driving, said Crown Prosecution Service East of England Complex Casework Unit head Chris McCann.

Anton Maizen, a German national, was sentenced at Basildon Crown Court on 30 August 2013 to a total of four and a half years after admitting causing the death by dangerous driving of Ronald Moughton and two charges of causing serious injury by dangerous driving to Mr Moughton's son Keith and to the driver of another car, Carol Boulton.

Mr McCann said: "This was a bad crash where Mr Ronald Moughton was certified dead at the scene. Mr Keith Moughton and Mrs Boulton both suffered  life threatening injuries and were flown by air ambulance to hospital; three other people were also injured and taken to hospital. The motorway was closed for nine hours after the accident at lunchtime on 2 April 2013.

"A new offence of causing serious injury by dangerous driving was introduced in December 2012 and this is the first case in the CPS East of England Area - which covers the counties of Cambridgeshire, Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk - where we have prosecuted for this offence.

"It allows us to present cases where the victims have suffered serious, life changing injuries as a result of a driver's actions and ensure that the driver faces up to the consequences of what they have done and is suitably punished."

Anton Maizen had driven from Germany to make one delivery in London and another in Lincolnshire then was on his way back to Germany, said Mr McCann, when the accident happened on the M25 slip road in Thurrock, Essex. Maizen admitted having had no sleep since 6pm the previous day

Mr McCann said: "Anton Maizen knew he was over his hours as a lorry driver yet carried on driving. He did not pay attention to the warning signs of stationary traffic on the M25 and hit the rear of the queue at a speed of between 55-60mph, resulting in the death of Mr Moughton and seriously injuring his son and Mrs Boulton.

"This case demonstrates that members of the public can be reassured that an offence now exists for those situations where bad driving causes serious injury and where there is evidence of this, we will use it to successfully prosecute drivers."