Suffolk: CPS confirm no further charges in self defence case


A man alleged to have fatally stabbed an intruder who broke into his father’s home in Felixstowe will not face charges, the Crown Prosecution Service has confirmed.

Paula Abrahams, Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor of the Crown Prosecution Service, said: "We have informed the police of our decision not to charge Kye Chilton, a 24-year-old man from Ipswich, in connection with the death of Darryl Bundy who entered the home of his father, John Treasure, and attacked him on December 16, 2011.

"Darryl Bundy was stabbed in the chest and died from his injuries shortly afterwards.

"We are satisfied that this action was in self defence following a careful review of the evidence.

"In reaching this decision, senior lawyers have looked at the evidence that the police have presented in this case and have taken into consideration the Crown Prosecution Service policy on householders and the use of force against intruders. In a case such as this, we have to ask whether the use of force was necessary and whether it was reasonable in the circumstances. Each case is considered on its individual facts.

"People are entitled to use reasonable force in self defence to defend themselves, their family and their property.

"Mr Bundy's family have been informed of our decision.

"John Treasure, who was also arrested at the time of the incident, will not face any charges due to insufficient evidence."