Three sentenced for burglaries across five counties


Brother and sister Roseanna (22) and George Ruffell (18) and a 16 year old youth have been sentenced today, 17 December 2015, at Chelmsford Crown Court for 25 burglaries across five counties.

Senior District Crown Prosecutor Punam Malhan for CPS East of England said: "We had evidence to show that these three young people were linked to burglaries in Essex, Kent, Suffolk, Surrey and Sussex and they had conspired together to commit these crimes.

"At one property, blood was found which DNA showed was George Ruffell's and at another property, blood was matched to the 16 year old. Some items which had been stolen were found at the home of the Ruffells in Colchester, Essex, as well as at the home of the 16 year old.

"We also had evidence from witnesses who identified the two males - many miles from their own homes - as being outside properties which were later burgled, as well as evidence of mobile phone contact and automatic number plate recognition showing their movements.

"This was a case with more than 100 witness statements and we worked closely with the police forces involved to build a strong case against these defendants who all pleaded guilty to conspiracy to burgle."

George Ruffell was sentenced to four years' imprisonment and Roseanna Ruffell to two and a half years' imprisonment. The 16 year old was sentenced to a youth rehabilation order with supervision for two years and was banned from contacting the brother and sister, directly or indirectly, for two years.

Miss Malhan said: "Returning to your house find your home has been burgled is a shocking experience for many people and I hope the prison sentences today give some comfort to the victims."


Notes to Editors

  1. Details of the charge: between the 1st day of April 2015 and the 24th day of June 2015, conspired together to enter as trespassers various dwelling buildings, with intent to steal therein. All three pleaded guilty to this charge.
  2. George Ruffell was also sentenced to three months' imprisonment for having a bladed article on 17 May 2015, consecutive to the four year prison term.
  3. George Ruffell accepted involvement in all 25 burglaries; Roseanna  Ruffell in 19 of the burglaries and the 16 year old in eight of the burglaries.
  4. Number of burglaries by county: 10 in Essex; nine in Suffolk; four in Kent; one in Surrey; one in Sussex.