Bramwell Walls jailed for sexual abuse of teenage girl


The case of Bramwell Walls who sexually abused a teenage girl who later hanged herself was "very tragic" said CPS East of England's Complex Casework Unit head, Chris McCann.

Mr McCann said: "his is a very tragic case where a young 14 year old girl, Georgia Hedges, has taken her own life after being the victim of sexual abuse by Bramwell Walls.

"None of us will know to what extent the abuse caused Georgia to take her own life but there is no doubt that Bramwell Walls did sexually abuse her.

"Today he was sentenced to seven years' imprisonment after pleading guilty to two charges of sexual activity with a child and one charge of inciting her to engage in sexual activity.

"It is very unusual for cases of sexual abuse to go ahead without a victim to give their account of what happened but East of England CPS was able to prove that the abuse had taken place through other evidence which was available, including from mobile phones, .

"The abuse took place while Bramwell Walls was a lodger in the home of Georgia's parents, and his betrayal of their trust has had a terrible effect on the family. Our thoughts are with them."