Gamekeeper sentenced for poisoning birds of prey


Gamekeeper Allen Lambert has been given a 10 week sentence of imprisonment, suspended for two years, for poisoning birds of prey on a country estate near Holt, Norfolk.

David Taylor, District Crown Prosecutor for CPS East of England said: "The CPS in the East of England takes wildlife crime very seriously and we welcome the 10 weeks' prison sentence, suspended for one year, which was handed down to Allen Lambert. It makes clear the penalty people may face for illegally poisoning these birds of prey. 

""We are fortunate in Norfolk to have some of the country's most beautiful countryside and our wildlife plays an important part in contributing to what makes this area special. Those who are employed to manage the countryside and its wildlife should be clear that if they carry out criminal acts then they will face robust prosecution.

"This type of crime not only has an  impact on the local community but also on visitors to the county who come here because of its wildlife and in particular its birdlife.

"As part of this case we put forward expert evidence from the RSPB, Natural England, and the British Trust for Ornithology. Representatives of these organisations have said this is one of the worst cases of its kind they have seen and this is equally true for CPS East of England."

Mr Lambert admitted storing some prohibited pesticides but denied killing 12 birds of prey and possessing pesticides and other items for poison baits. He was convicted after trial at Norwich Magistrates' Court on 1 October 2014 and sentenced today. 6 November 2014.