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Luke D'Wit: Sinister double murderer jailed

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Luke D’Wit has been sentenced to 37 years for the murders of Carol and Stephen Baxter.

The deaths of Carol and Stephen did not initially present as suspicious however a post-mortem revealed they had been poisoned with a lethal dose of fentanyl. The CPS built a strong prosecution case from the phone analysis, toxicology reports, expert medical reports and witness statements to prove that this was two carefully planned murders.

D’Wit devised a cunning and deceitful plan to rewrite the wills of Carol and Stephen Baxter, kill them in their own home and gain a majority share of their successful business. Presenting himself as an advisor, confidant and friend of the family D’Wit created several fake online identities to aid his deception.

Using these fake online identities, D’Wit provided lifestyle advice and interacted with Stephen by providing reassurance about the overall health of Carol. He used apps to monitor their daily whereabouts even down to recording their final moments. This was a cold and calculated crime which involved gaining the victims’ trust and friendship over a period of time before killing them, in an attempt to benefit personally and financially from their death.

Andrew Young, Senior Crown Prosecutor says:

“Luke D’Wit was the last person to see Carol and Stephen Baxter alive and in the beginning of the investigation was treated as a witness. The evidence that was gathered showed the lengths to which he went to so he could gain the trust of the Baxter family and evade suspicion. The levels of deceitfulness and manipulation he used are extremely disturbing.

“There were many strands of evidence in this case including a large amount of digital and forensic evidence required to prove his meticulously planned actions and overall intent. We were able to define every aspect of his deception despite the complexities in this case.

“The untimely passing of Carol and Stephen could have been seen as a tragic coincidence with the truth cleverly hidden were it not for the joint work of the CPS and Essex Police to prove the facts and secure a conviction. I hope that today’s sentencing helps to provide a sense of justice to their family and friends.”

Notes to editors

  • Andrew Young is a Senior Crown Prosecutor in the Complex Casework Unit in the CPS East of England Area.

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