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We want to hear your views about our prosecution policy. You can help us to be better informed, fairer and more representative by participating in our consultations.

Latest Consultations

Consultation on Interim Revised CPS Guidelines on Prosecuting Social Media Cases

Please note - this consultation is now closed.

The CPS Guidelines on prosecuting social media cases were first published as interim Guidelines in December 2012. They were consulted on and finalised Guidelines were published in June 2013.

We have decided to refresh the Guidelines, to reflect a number of recent legal and social developments and to clarify various aspects of the Guidelines.

The main revisions are:

  • Additions to the section on Category 2 offences, which previously related only to harassment and stalking. The section now includes guidance on the new offences of Controlling or coercive behaviour and Revenge pornography; offences under the Sexual Offences Act 2003; and Blackmail.
  • New sections on: Violence Against Women (VAWG); Hate Crime; False or offensive social media profiles; Ancillary Orders; and Victim Personal Statements.
  • Greater clarity around the application of the Evidential and Public Interest stages of the Full Code Test, and Article 10 ECHR considerations.

We welcome your comments by midnight on 12 May 2016.

How to respond to consultations

  1. Visit the consultation page
  2. Read the consultation documents
  3. You can respond to the consultation in writing or by email
  4. There may be a consultation response sheet to download and complete
  5. Send your response to the email address or post address listed on the consultation page
  6. Make sure you submit your response by the closing date

Latest consultation outcomes

Public consultation on CPS Equality and Diversity Objectives 2015-2018 - summary of responses

The Public Sector Equality Duty (PSED) requires public bodies to have due regard to the need to eliminate discrimination, advance equality of opportunity and foster good relations between different people when carrying out their activities.

The Equality and Diversity Objectives 2015-2018 outline our commitments in response to the legal requirements defined in the Equality Act 2010.

This is the summary of responses we received to this consutation.

The new Equality and Diversity objectives for 2015-18 were published following this consultation.

The consultation closed on 9 July 2014

We took account of the responses to the coonsultation before publishing the new objectives.

The consultation response can be accessed below:

Equality and Diversity Objectives 2015-18 Consultation response

Public consultation on Speaking to Witnesses at Court - summary of responses

In January 2015 the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) launched a public consultation on draft guidance entitled "Speaking to Witnesses at Court". The purpose of the guidance was to provide clarity to prosecutors about what they were expected to do in order to support witnesses at court to ensure they were able to give their best evidence. The purpose of the consultation was to ensure the final version of the guidance was informed by as wide a range of views as possible so that it had the best chance of being able to meet the needs of witnesses and other interested parties.

The summary of responses to the consultation can be accessed below:

Consultation summary of responses

CPS responses to consultations

Ministry of Justice consultation: Transforming legal aid - delivering a more credible and efficient system

The CPS response focuses on the conultation's proposals in respect of criminal legal aid only, where the CPS has an interest.

CPS response to MoJ consultation on reforming legal aid (approx 26.8kb)

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