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We want to hear your views about our prosecution policy. You can help us to be better informed, fairer and more representative by participating in our consultations.

Latest Consultations

Public consultation on the new Complaints Handling and Community Engagement Quality Standards

The first Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) Core Quality Standards were issued in March 2010. Together with the Code for Crown Prosecutors, they explained the purpose and work of the CPS.

New Casework Quality Standards were published on 15 May 2014. The new standards replaced the standards relating to casework and seek to cover the key aspects of casework from advice to presentation; placing greater emphasis on 'core quality' - the quality that should be at the heart of the work that everyone in the CPS performs. The consultation on new Casework Quality Standards ended on Friday 27 June 2014. Further information about that consultation process is available on this website.

The Complaints Handling and Community Engagement Standards replace standards 11 and 12 of the first standards relating to complaints and community engagement and seek to introduce transparent and measurable standards for complaints handling and community engagement that better reflect CPS' commitment to providing a better service to victims and witnesses.

The purpose of this consultation is to seek a range of views on the new Complaints Handling and Community Engagement Standards.

We want to know what you think. Closing date: 10 October 2014.

How to respond to consultations

  1. Visit the consultation page
  2. Read the consultation documents
  3. You can respond to the consultation in writing or by email
  4. There may be a consultation response sheet to download and complete
  5. Send your response to the email address or post address listed on the consultation page
  6. Make sure you submit your response by the closing date

Latest consultation outcomes

Consultation on Victims' Right to Review Interim Guidance - finalised guidance and summary of responses

On the 5 June 2013 the Director of Public Prosecutions launched a consultation on the Victims Right to Review Interim Guidance. The aim of the consultation was to seek a range of views on the interim guidance. The consultation period closed on 5 September 2013.

Following the public consultation, and in light of the responses received and our further consideration, we have revised the guidance. The interim guidance has now been replaced by the final guidance which comes into immediate effect. A summary of responses to the consultation has also been published.

The guidance and summary of responses were published on 21 July 2014.

Deferred Prosecution Agreements

The Director of Public Prosecutions and the Director of the Serious Fraud Office published, in June 2013 for consultation, a draft Code of Practice explaining how they intend to use the new Deferred Prosecution Agreements, when they come into force on 24 February 2014. The information about the consultation is available on the Serious Fraud Office website. The consultation closed in September 2013.

As a result of comments received, a number of changes were made to the text of the Code.

The revised Code of Practice and the Consultation response can be accessed below:

Code of Practice

Consultation response

Deferred Prosecution Agreements (DPAs) involve companies reaching an agreement with a prosecutor, where the company is charged with a criminal offence but proceedings are automatically suspended. The company agrees to a number of conditions, which may include payment of a financial penalty, payment of compensation and implementation of a corporate compliance programme. DPAs may be used for fraud, bribery and economic crime.

CPS responses to consultations

Ministry of Justice consultation: Transforming legal aid - delivering a more credible and efficient system

The CPS response focuses on the conultation's proposals in respect of criminal legal aid only, where the CPS has an interest.

CPS response to MoJ consultation on reforming legal aid (approx 26.8kb)

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